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View Diary: A message from the Health Insurers of America (109 comments)

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  •  Funny how, no matter what... (7+ / 0-)

    The premiums always seem to rise.

    Hell, even the price of gas sometimes comes down. Do insurance premiums ever get lower? Those poor beleaguered health insurers, they always and ever can do only one thing... jack up the premiums. Obamacare rollout rough? Raise the premiums! Insurance market too crowded? Gotta raise 'em again! The sun rose in the East and set in the west yesterday? Guess which way are those premiums gonna go, folks - up or down...?

    •  This event has all the hallmarks of monopolistic (4+ / 0-)
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      TKO333, prfb, AnnCetera, ladybug53

      competition.  It is as if the Insurers understand that this is an opportunity to make out like the bandits they are and raise prices in a coordinated fashion...essentially by delineating who competes where in collusion.   That is why so many policy prices are rising not falling;  not enough true competition.

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      by SGWM on Fri Nov 22, 2013 at 09:15:46 AM PST

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      •  That is actually most likely (3+ / 0-)
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        Blight45, eps62, SGWM

        What is happening today. They are doing 'backroom deals' to raise their rates in tandem with each other in order to make bigger profits than they otherwise would be allowed to under a true free market.

        •  This is because (4+ / 0-)

          the current ACA is not a "universal" health care package. It is being fought over by health insurers who are "bidding" for the "privledge" of covering people's health care. As long as that continues, with no attempts to regulate the market or oversee the insurers, the American people wtill won't get what they need...universal health care covered by a one payer system. There is still the opportunity for the insurers to lie, cheat and steal under the present system. I wish the Dems and the President had had the forsight and the courage to go to a universal one payer system (like Medicare) that would eliminate this current type of gamesmanship with people's health and their lives. Get big business OUT of healthcare. Big business is in it for the dollars, not for the welfare of the patients they are supposed to be serving. The profit motive drives everything in health care, and still will if the ACA isn't amended to control for abuse by the insurers.

          •  ecolady (2+ / 0-)
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            Sandika, eps62

            There IS a provision that 80% of our premium payments must be spent on medical care.  Won't that limit the lying, cheating and stealing by the big insurance corporations?
            If you check recent history, single payer was politically impossible.  ALL the Republicans and a few of the Democrats were too beholden to the big insurance corporations.  The other Dems and the President were surely aware that single payer works best in other developed nations, getting good results (longer lifespans, lower infant mortality, etc) for less money - FAR less money than we pay.  

            •  One backdoor way to single payer might be to allow (1+ / 0-)
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              insurance firms to reject applicants for any reason or no reason at all, with the understanding that the federal government will sell Medicare to the rejected applicants (rejected by all three of the three lowest cost policies) for what they would have paid if accepted by the highest cost of those three lowest cost policies.I hope this would give insurance firms enough rope to hang themselves.

        •  I am NOT a Troll! But... (0+ / 0-)

          Barack had the best intentions going into this thing.  ACA was a conservative-conceived plan that he thought mistakenly thought would minimize serious opposition.  The Heritage Foundation's RomneyCare solution is not where I place my trust in healthcare.

          Insurance companies (corporate America) have one goal: maximize profits to appease shareholders and stuff the pockets of execs.  If there were a standard for scruples in the industry, they might be inclined to provide services in such a manner as to compete on their merits, but such scruples have not existed in recent years until ACA attempts to enact them.  Surprise!  Corporations don't cooperate when you cut into their (ridiculous) margins.  

          As Bill Maher put it, ACA is a big blowjob to insurance companies but if they can use it as an excuse to capitalize, of course they will, it's what they do.  Corporations will never do the right thing unless it increases margins - and the right thing rarely does (NEVER does if your business is to simply be a middle man and suck money out of all the other involved parties like a bunch of vampire bat leeches named Kirby).

          Backroom deals?  Probably.  But even without them, these guys were never going to fall in line anyway.

          We should be working to reduce our collective dependency on insurance companies rather than enacting legislature to stuff their pockets (which they will publicly oppose to ensure just the right amount of "uncertainty in the markets").

          *My very first $0.02 on Kos

          Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your corporation.

          by Justyn on Sat Nov 23, 2013 at 09:43:43 PM PST

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      •  Of course--and the only limit I can see to their (0+ / 0-)

        greed is the requirement that 80% of premiums go to providers in payment of claims.  This means they have no incentive to hold down payments to providers.  The more providers get in claims payments, the more insurance firms can claim for their profit.

    •  The odd thing about gas prices though, (0+ / 0-)

      is that when the price-per-barrel of oil goes up, the price of gas already delivered to gas stations also goes up immediately, but when oil goes down (and it must go down pretty significantly to make a difference) it takes weeks to see any reduction at the pump.

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