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    I've been self employed for 20 years and have had a high deductible policy with an HSA for most of that time.  Over the past decade my premium had gone up between 17% and 34% every year, so I've switched plans 2 or 3 times; always to a higher deductible.  After getting on a new plan in July of 2012 I was notified of a 24% increase this past July, which I've continued to pay since then.

    In September I received a notice that I could either pay an additional 22% starting December 1st to continue my coverage for a year or I could pay the same amount I have already been paying until June of 2014 at which point my plan would cease to exist.  This made it roughly a 44% increase in 6 months.

    I did look at the exchange, only to find that my current provider, Anthem, was the only one offering new plans in Indiana.  The recession has been hard on me and my income falls below the level needed to get a subsidy so I would have to pay full price.  Indiana did not expand Medicaid coverage, and even the lowest priced plan on the exchange was more than what my current plan was, so I went with the lesser of two evils, my existing plan.

    Indiana has a "Healthy Indiana Plan", (HIP), for low income adults, but there is currently a waiting list.  Even if a slot opens I still wouldn't qualify: you have to be without health insurance for 6 months.  I find it more than a little ironic, and cruel, that those of us who have tried to be responsible, often at substantial personal financial cost, can only become eligible for this program if we take a risk and drop our existing health coverage.  The state is also trying to work with Medicare to expend HIP, and if they are successful I hope the Federal Government puts an end to the penalization of people who already have insurance.

    So I seem to be one of the ones getting the short end of the stick with the ACA.  Even though it may not help me, at least not right now, I still believe its a good start in the right direction.  It is long past time we started to change the miserable system that is now in place.  I believe this is just the start and at some point in the future we will have a system that is less expensive and fairer to all.  

    What I don't know is if I'll still be around to see it.

    •  Jack (0+ / 0-)

      You stated:  "The recession has been hard on me and my income falls below the level needed to get a subsidy so I would have to pay full price."  
      If this was not a misprint, please double check, as the subsidy is higher the LESS your income.  Thus if your income fell, the lower your income level, the HIGHER your subsidy.

      •  Yes, but unfortunately, (0+ / 0-)

        after the Republicans negotiated the Obamacare plan down to the point that it DEPENDS on Medicaid to help people with EXTREMELY low incomes, the SCOTUS (somehow that acronym seems just a bit obscene) said the states could CHOOSE whether to expand Medicaid, the red state governors and legislators basically said "hell, no" and decided to screw the poor AND the hospitals by not doing so.  And only with their help (which is not forthcoming for obvious reasons) can this be fixed.

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