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    I have run through the numbers with a large number of clients.  The impact of PPACA is really driven by how aggressively the local jurisdiction is monitoring the market and forcing insurance companies to price fairly.  The pricing authority to verify rates is at the state level and a red state is more likely than not to get in the way of fair pricing.  

    In most states the largest insurer and most dominant player in the marketplace is the local BlueCross BlueShield plan.  So not surprisingly, whenever it is a non-profit entity beholding to state authority you will tend to get plan pricing and designs that are consumer centric.  Whenever they are for profit entities (cardinal example is Anthem) the plan designs are crazy (ie locked down HMOs with skinny networks) and the pricing is horrible.  It helps whenever the state has a strong, viable alternative such as Kaiser that will help to hold down pricing.

    So far many of the people I have helped have saved money vs where they are now.  The big problem, where you are guaranteed to pay more, is if you are 45-50 or older and earn more than the subsidy eligible level.  If you are in your late 50's and earn more than the subsidy qualifying level, the differences will be significant.

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