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    Barack had the best intentions going into this thing.  ACA was a conservative-conceived plan that he thought mistakenly thought would minimize serious opposition.  The Heritage Foundation's RomneyCare solution is not where I place my trust in healthcare.

    Insurance companies (corporate America) have one goal: maximize profits to appease shareholders and stuff the pockets of execs.  If there were a standard for scruples in the industry, they might be inclined to provide services in such a manner as to compete on their merits, but such scruples have not existed in recent years until ACA attempts to enact them.  Surprise!  Corporations don't cooperate when you cut into their (ridiculous) margins.  

    As Bill Maher put it, ACA is a big blowjob to insurance companies but if they can use it as an excuse to capitalize, of course they will, it's what they do.  Corporations will never do the right thing unless it increases margins - and the right thing rarely does (NEVER does if your business is to simply be a middle man and suck money out of all the other involved parties like a bunch of vampire bat leeches named Kirby).

    Backroom deals?  Probably.  But even without them, these guys were never going to fall in line anyway.

    We should be working to reduce our collective dependency on insurance companies rather than enacting legislature to stuff their pockets (which they will publicly oppose to ensure just the right amount of "uncertainty in the markets").

    *My very first $0.02 on Kos

    Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your corporation.

    by Justyn on Sat Nov 23, 2013 at 09:43:43 PM PST

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