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  •  But the rich are being taxed (2+ / 0-)
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    Mark Lippman, Larsstephens

    The subsidies are largely paid for out of the taxes levied by the ACA on incomes over $250k/year.  Those beneficiaries of the Bush tax cuts gave a bit of them back to the ACA, which is probably the main reason that so much money is going into total repeal efforts!  The public at large isn't in favor of giving back money to the filthy rich, so they couch their tax-cut desire by trying to axe the whole thing.

    Of the middle class, most are in group plans, which mostly don't change much.  Those who are in the individual market will benefit, except for a minority of "young invulnerables" who made do with shit plans and never tried to make serious claims.  You only got one bite at the apple of individual policies in most states; after that, you had a pre-existing condition, or were underwritten out of such "patient-centered" coverage.  ACA means you can stay insured no matter how hard you exercise the plan you get.

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