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View Diary: Filibuster Reform Is a Reality. Read today's action as it happened. (269 comments)

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  •  filibuster is undemocratic (7+ / 0-)

    never should have been there. undemocratic and should have been deemed unconstitutional a long time ago.

    we might have a government option instead of the insurance wet dream, republican-resurrected law AKA the ACA. Obamacare is really Romneycare or BobDolecare but without the filibuster might have really been Obamacare.

    Or even Medicare for All could have happened without this undemocratic filibuster?

    dem or repub senate: filibuster is undemocratic.  but of course the senator's corporate paymasters depend on the filibuster to give their puppets political cover... :/

    •  well the Veto is undemocratic (4+ / 0-)
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      there are reasons to have undemocratic elements to a government.

      The problem isn't the filibuster per se, it's the egregious use of it.

      •  veto is a vote... (3+ / 0-) established by the construct of the US government. the president is elected by the people and gets his vote.

        the senate, which makes up 1/2 of one of the 3 branches of the US government, implemented the undemocratic filibuster rule as part of their voting procedures. that rule allows the minority to rule the senate, NOT the popularly-elected majority, which is clearly and unambiguously undemocratic.

        what other elements of govt are you referring to that are undemocratic?

        •  the Constitution allows them (0+ / 0-)

          to set up those rules.  The Constitution also sets up certain things to be extra-majority votes.  The veto is undemocratic, which means anti-majoritarian.  That's a good thing IMO as long as not overdone.

          We have a republic for a reason.

          The Senate itself is undemocratic.  The House is based on population, the Senate gives unequal representation to the population of some states versus others.

          Again, that's not a pejorative.

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