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View Diary: Filibuster Reform Is a Reality. Read today's action as it happened. (269 comments)

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    It's about time that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats grew some gonads and gave Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans a ginormous wedgie by passing filibuster reform, using the nuclear option. Consider it an early Christmas gift for the Democrats and President Obama, and an early lump of coal in the stinky stockings of McConnell and his GOP ilk. Once again, just like back in October when the government shutdown debacle and increase in the debt ceiling were being debated (?) in Congress, Republicans thought that Obama and Democrats would blink over using the nuclear option for filibuster reform. And once again, they were proven terribly wrong.

    To celebrate this joyous day, I think I'll drink an extra cocktail (or three) this evening, perhaps a SCREWdriver, while McConnell and his GOP pals are eating a steaming bag of fuck. Yummy. Please to enjoy...

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