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View Diary: Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Coke FRIDAY! (133 comments)

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  •  I voted with the majority for once (28+ / 0-)

    CHEERS to that, even though it's early.

    CHEERS being able to drop in here. JEERS to needing to run quickly. Was supposed to get may hair cut at lunchtime. The woman who cuts my hair is a wonderful, sweet person who does an excellent job. She's been taking care of my hair since 1994; a trust I don't bestow lightly. She is also, sadly, a complete drama-magnet. This time she lost her phone, with all her appointments in it and tried to catch up with her clients; somehow she forgot to get in touch with me. So she's cutting my hair at 5:30 which means I have to ride my bike home and then take public transit back downtown.

    Since I didn't get to check in here much during the week, JEERS to vet bills but CHEERS to things not being as bad as they could be. Darwin doesn't have lymphoma. But he does have inflammatory bowel disease and early-stage kidney insufficiency. The vet thinks both can be controlled with diet changes, meaning we'll be getting his food from the vet, rather than at Safeway. The dry food's pricey but the wet actually doesn't cost any more than Fancy Feast does. And Darwin is willing to eat it (not that that's saying much; he'll eat almost anything, the pig). Still the vet visits have been costly with the most expensive one--dental care--still to come. He's one pricey pootie that one.

    CHEERS to the "nuclear option." Just, ya know, because.

    CHEERS to sun. It's been lovely here in SF today.

    CHEERS to everyone who posted a JFK memorial diary today.

    CHEERS to all who dwell within the hallowed precincts of the Kiddie Pool.

    And now, CHEERS to my bicycle. Laterz!

    (By the way, I take lousy selfies; I try to avoid them.)

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