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  •  New York Times yesterday covered forensic (0+ / 0-)

    technology advances. Far different with modern computer support from what the staff at Warren Commission could put together.

    NY Times: film out with survey of technology

    This is not wild eyed CT trash. No way like the Birthers, Truthers, etc. The most shocking part of it is that you get to see the Zapruder film combined with the audio background.

    We hear four shots, not three. But that's not the shocking part of it. The last shot sprayed parts of Kennedy's head out to the back and left of the limousine. Computers catch it and two motorcycle officers from the motorcade team confirm it. The officers said they were hit with debris from Kennedy's head.

    Zapruder with audio at the 18:15 mark.

    We'll never know why this assassination happened. There was no Manning. No Snowden. No one honorable at the right place and right time to capture insider information. The Oswald "Lone Gunman" theory turns out to be impossible, based on modern forensics. But that doesn't matter.

    We get no idea what produced this assassination.

    America is going along as an empire, today. We have to expect that the emperors will die violently now and then. Goes with the territory. The video runs 20 minutes -- well worth your time.

    •  Read Bugliosi's "Reclaiming History" and then (1+ / 0-)
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      get back to me.

      Bugliosi demolishes once and for all any possible conspiracy between multiple gunmen before the fact.

      Including the forensic evidence you are touting.

      LHO acted alone. I used to believe in various iterations of CT about this until I read Bugliosi's book. I now have shed my fond illusions and have confronted the sad fact that JFK was assassinated by an obscure nobody (but one who had high ideals). That is 'the awful grace of God' to which this author so eloquently alludes.

      •  One man's book proves nothing. (3+ / 0-)
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        waterstreet2013, Dave925, Chi

        Bugliosi, while a competent prosecutor, has morphed into the role of author, one driven by a keen sense of marketing and the knowledge that presenting viewpoints differing from what else is out there creates controversy and sales.  One cannot dismiss that notion no matter what his earlier resume implies.  I've seen much criticism of his research and conclusions and a great deal of previously hidden evidence that's surfaced since Buglosi's work.  

        I don't think DKos is a good place to discuss this stuff even though, of all the CT out there, multiple shooters in the JFK murder is probably the most plausible.  The truth may never be known conclusively unless there are future releases of documents that fill in the blanks.  

        •  I dohope you will read Bugliosi at some point (4+ / 0-)

          with an open mind. (Be sure to set aside a big chunk of time for it :)

          Like I wrote, I used to believe in a rough version of Stone's thesis about a nexus between military, intel and organized crime as conspirators, mainly because it suited my emotional purposes to do so. The whole episode still makes me weep inordinately any time I start thinking about it. And am wiping away tears even as I write this.

          Mind you, I was but a little boy of 4 when this all went down and have no memories of it personally. My Dad worked for Western Union at the time and, legend and my memory has it, he got the news over the telegraph before the rest of the country had it. That's probably a false memory.

          Agree with you that DKos is not the best place to discuss this stuff.

          •  Bugliosi goes along with the claim (0+ / 0-)

            that the first shot, the one through Kennedy's back, produced the violent backward-and-left head jerk seen in Zapruder's frame #313 and after.

            That alone should eliminate him as a serious investigator. It's not even close.

            A more subtle error appeared with Thompson's "Six Seconds in Dallas" book. The video reappraises that work. The very best of modern computer analysis gets us to what really happened and what caused the fatal injury -- all of it peer reviewed.

            •  I had Bugliosi's book out of the library last (2+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:
              waterstreet2013, Chi

              Christmas and have not had occasion to re-visit it since.

              That said, I think you may be mis-numbering the shots, as LHO's first shot missed the limo entirely. What you call the 'first shot' (the one that hit JFK in the back) was actually LHO's second shot, followed shortly thereafter by his third, the fatal head shot.

              As for what produces the "backward-and-left head jerk" in Zapruder, there's actually a brief almost imperceptible movement of JFK's head forward followed by a sharp snap back. The reason the snap forward is imperceptible to the bare human eye has to do with the shutter speed of the camera Zapruder was using and the speed with which the naked human eye is capable of processing visual data.

              I'm relying on year-old memories of Bugliosi's explanation and I apologize if I have misconstrued his or your meaning in so doing.

        •  Watch the video. (1+ / 0-)
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          There's not much that's still in question about the fatal shot. Not technically.

          Lots of people insist that the populous simply has to believe what FBI tells us. Well, the Bureau testified about bullet origins for decades -- lying through their teeth with self-generated notions about bullet production. The Bureau generates also criminal cases against Democratic Party donors now and then, where there's no precedent for the charges.

          They're political top to bottom.

      •  Bugliosi is a lawyer. No technical training. (0+ / 0-)

        What it takes to get a seat at this table is either a Ph.D. in a technical field or a PE with experience.

        Thompson is there solely as a reporter. He's been on this since his "Life" work 50 years ago. Also covered hundreds of murders over the years.

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