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  •  "Start your own country", huh? (13+ / 0-)

    As someone about to graduate with a civil engineering degree, that's interesting.

    I'd want vast, windy plains that could easily be tapped for wind power, and where we could grow corn for ethanol. My country would have an up-to date highway system, high speed rail between cities, and cheap, accessible urban public transit. You would be able to get from anywhere in one major city to anywhere in another without a car. That would relive congestion on the highways better than just building more lanes.

    I guess our country has some of those things already, minus the transit. We just need more wind turbines built. Unfortnately we have the NIMBY's still complaining about them.

    They've been squabbling for years in my neck of the woods over whether or not to put wind turbines on Lake Erie. But when I visited the Canadian side of the lake, their turbines had already been built, dozens of them, as far as you could see.

    NIMBY's complain that the turbines kill birds, but the Canadians weren't that worried about it. The turbines were right next to the Long Point bird sanctuary! And they were proud enough of them that they were selling "Lake Erie Wind Turbine" t-shirts in the local drugstore in Port Rowan.

    Shear is a very brittle failure mode. Other modes of material failure include warning signs like bowing or cracking. But Failure in Shear often occurs catastrophically, without warning.

    by Failure in Shear on Fri Nov 22, 2013 at 06:28:13 AM PST

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