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    First, I'm an atheist/agnostic/pagan/deist (depending on which particular point within religion/spirituality is being argued), and radical left deep ecologist politically. And I gotta say, some of you lefties sound as intolerant as any of the buffoons Fox News trots out.

    thomstark's diary was pretty clear to me. If I had seen The Bible shelved in the fiction section I'd have found it humorous as well. But, if I'd posted a pic of it, it wouldn't have gone viral. If you don't understand what Caleb Kaltenbach is trying to say, it seems you're being deliberately obtuse in order to score ideological points against a strawman.

    A true conservative christian would be appalled by what the neoconservatives and their Teapublican henchmen are doing--a scorched earth policy of hegemony has little to nothing to do with being a christian; or a true political conservative for that matter. Of course, neither would conservative christians have much to do with the neoliberal economic policy Democrats use to drive the rest of the world into poverty and subjugation to Corporatism.

    Christians, and others, who believe in the teachings of Jesus, can be theological conservatives at the same time as being socially progressive--there is no inherent tension between the two. And you're alienating a group of natural allies in the struggles for justice, equity, and putting an end to Mammonism (capitalism). As another example, the Evangelical Environmental Network has over 10,000 member congregations. What you call environmentalism they call creation care.

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