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View Diary: Why is nobody talking about the OTHER Obamacare subsidy? (178 comments)

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  •  No one is disputing that 90k is more (23+ / 0-)

    than 50k, or that it buys more. My point is that the double earner 90K folks are living "tighter" than what my Union Dad did in the 1970's. We've defined (& accepted) expectations down. So that now,on a democratic blog,people have no problem stating that 40hrs of labor does not mean you shouldn't be poor....because  that is all your "value".  That is what 30+ years of wage stagnation,deregulation,privatization & financialization of the economy, concentrated ownership ,advertising and media lite have wrought.

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    by tardis10 on Fri Nov 22, 2013 at 10:53:46 AM PST

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    •  nobody was saying that people (7+ / 0-)

      don't deserve the fair value of their work, nobody is arguing that in the last few decades real wages have been declining,  or that the value of money hasn't changed over time.

      What we are saying, is that those factors have happened as much to people still earning $50k a year as those earning $90k a year.    And when it comes to meeting basic needs and still buying insurance, subsidy or no subsidy,  a family at $90k a year can find more ways to squeeze a nickel that doesn't cut into basic needs than a family at $90k.

      Its like being in a  row boat with waves washing over the gunnells and some folks are sitting on the bottom of the boat and others on the seats, they are all in grave danger of drowning, but some foks already have water up to their chin and their position is immediately precarious.  

      No one is stating that single payer wouldn't be better and more cost effective than private insurance, but we are talking about 'unfairness' of no subsidy at a pretty high income level.  Those people probably don't have to choose food over their health insurance premium.

      •  It's not a contest (3+ / 0-)
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        MRA NY, tardis10, kurt

        And nobody is arguing that people making 90k have it as bad as people making 50k, what they're arguing is whether or not people making 90k are rich and shouldn't receive healthcare subsidies.

        I'm with Tardis.  90k for a 2 worker household is not rich.   We should support the poor, and all the middle classes here, and not take such a tiny worldview that 2 individuals each making 45k per year are the enemy.

        If you want to get mad about something, get mad about the way the poor are being treated with the ACA.  In many states, they get NOTHING, because there's no medicaid expansion.  Even in some of those states where they do get medicaid, the medicaid rules state that the government gets paid back from the estate of the person after they die.  This is a penalty levied only on the poorest of us.

      •  Well, a family with $50K is stylin' (0+ / 0-)

        compared to one with $25K...

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        by Alice in Florida on Sat Nov 23, 2013 at 04:48:31 PM PST

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        •  exactly (0+ / 0-)

          and except for the states with asshat republicans for governors or in the legislature, a family at $25,000 doesn't get asked to pay anything for the insurance.    They are also generally eligible for some other aid programs, food aid to some degree, sometimes housing subsidies, heat subsidies, etc.  

          A national single payer plan would be preferable so we wouldn't be drawing any lines.    But if you prefer the game of well someone is always worse off instead of dealing with the reality of who can meet needs versus unlimited funds for wants,  yes,   people with only $25k are worse off.  But both the $25k and $50k family is more stretched to meet actual needs.  But if new cars, big houses are more important for people earning $94k a year to you than people at $50k getting health insurance, you're right it is absolutely hellacious about those poor folks not gettting a subsidy.

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