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View Diary: Why is nobody talking about the OTHER Obamacare subsidy? (178 comments)

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  •  Youth subsidizing elders (0+ / 0-)

    Spot on--younger workers do subsidize older ones in employer provided plans.  The premium rates for a particular employer's plan may vary depending on the age composition of that employer's workforce, but within that employer's workforce, each employee typically contributes the same amount for the same coverage regardless of age or gender.  If employer plans were suddenly changed so older workers had to contribute three times as much as younger ones for the same coverage, the older ones would be screaming bloody hell.  

    (And there might be some ADEA issues or underwriting problems with charging oldsters more in an employer provided plan . . . but I really don't recall any youth protest over Reagan's ADEA favoring older workers at the expense of younger ones.)

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