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  •  It's not a contest (3+ / 0-)
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    And nobody is arguing that people making 90k have it as bad as people making 50k, what they're arguing is whether or not people making 90k are rich and shouldn't receive healthcare subsidies.

    I'm with Tardis.  90k for a 2 worker household is not rich.   We should support the poor, and all the middle classes here, and not take such a tiny worldview that 2 individuals each making 45k per year are the enemy.

    If you want to get mad about something, get mad about the way the poor are being treated with the ACA.  In many states, they get NOTHING, because there's no medicaid expansion.  Even in some of those states where they do get medicaid, the medicaid rules state that the government gets paid back from the estate of the person after they die.  This is a penalty levied only on the poorest of us.

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