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  •  "The chickens have come home to roost" (7+ / 0-)

    Malcom X was right.  

    Violence, particularly gun violence, IS the unique undercurrent of American society.  

    It is a thread woven through every societal institution.  

    It is a means by which power is exercised, conflicts resolved, and dominance achieved.

    Those that have not been directly affected by violence cannot know the plight of those that have.

    As Americans, we talk a lot about freedom.  

    But there is no freedom worth having without first having freedom from violence.

    Two words, when used together, scare me: Youth Minister

    by mojave mike on Fri Nov 22, 2013 at 12:53:31 PM PST

    •  about those "magic wands" (6+ / 0-)

      It was the advent of the Hollywood Cowboy that brought the gun romance, wasn't it?

      Hubby was 11 bravo in Nam during Tet.  He never touched a gun in his life until Nam, never wanted one afterward.  We talk alot about that.  Not the depiction of violence but the inaccurate depiction of violence.  Every housewife wanting a gun to protect herself.  Ask a man who's been in combat.  There are a lot of bad shots among highly trained soldiers with the best of weaponry.  Aside from getting hit in the head - something never seen in cowboy/Indian movies - people don't necessarily die. That is what killing fields are like.  That is also why Reagan survived even though he was aged when shot.  Not a head wound.

      Those hit in combat scream and groan, never quietly slumping into a heap as all the lying movies depict, an oily little red stream in the chest.  No, hubby said at most 20% were killed right away in battle.  The rest who were shot screamed and wept, noisier than women in labor - for hours or days until the helicopters could safely land.  Or until they died.  

      Why do people want guns?  They think it's just a magic wand to point and eliminate someone?  No, if a person even is not overcome by adrenaline and can act to shoot, unless they shoot an assailant dead in the face there is little likelihood of bringing them to a stop.  Often the assailant is angered when wounded and overpowers the one with the gun.  It can turn right around.  It is a hopeless Hollywood-driven delusion that guns automatically kill someone.  A lie.  Better to toss a lit cherry bomb out the back window if someone tries to break in.  They will assume 1) that it was gunfire, and 2) the police are already on the way.

      And if you do kill an intruder, you have to go to court.  Could go anywhere.  The case could turn out to be about your sex life, etc.  

      Guns are for cowards and the ill-informed.

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