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View Diary: "Has anybody here, seen my old friend John. I just looked around and he was gone....." (169 comments)

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  •  Very late to this commemoration, but (3+ / 0-)
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    I wanted to say thank you, Ono, for this poignant diary. I especially appreciate your effort to put this tragic event in context, for I think it's easy to forget by those of us who were very young (or not even born) just how tumultuous that time was already.
    I was too young to know much about what was going on, being only five, but I do remember watching the funeral procession, and being sorry on behalf of Caroline, who was only a little older than I.
    Oh, the sound of the drums! and the clip-clop of the horses pulling the caisson! and the riderless black horse....
    I'm just as glad that my memory retains those images as they were broadcast, in black-and-white. Color would have seemed out of place.
    There is no way to know what might have been had JFK not been murdered--perhaps we would have still been mired in Vietnam; perhaps we still would have had the Great Society--but then again maybe not. I still wish we would have had the chance to find out.

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