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  •  I live in the south bay and there are very few (1+ / 0-)
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    WalWarts stores.  There is one in Mt. View and I think one in Milpitas, but otherwise, nothing.  I'm not complaining.  We have many Target stores, but I don't go there very often, but my wife does.  They did open a WalWart Grocery store right next to Target.  I've never been in and don't plan on starting any time soon.  The dumbest thing for Target to do was try to enter the grocery business.  They had to compact their stores by about 20% in order to make room for the grocery department.  That meant they had to reduce SKUs in the rest of the store where there once was a selection of 5 brands now maybe has 2 or 3 and usually, they are of crumby quality.  So I think Target has gone down in the quality of items they stock, mostly trying to get cheap shit to compete with WalWart.  Sad.  

    On a slightly different note, I once worked for a consumer electronics company in Silicon Valley and we always had to make special versions of our product for WalWart and Spam's Club.  They say they will not be undersold, but they can say that because the item you buy there is like nothing else in the industry.  I guess there isn't much they can do with Heinz ketchup but more expensive items they want exclusives on and they demand the absolute lowest price from the supplier.  They tell the sales guy that just to stock the shelves is a massive buy so if you don't give us the best low price, we'll go to your competitor.  I always thought their bullying tactics were bad and now I know they are bad.  

    I never go to WalWart, but when we visit our daughter in San Diego, seems WalWart is everywhere.  If you want anything that is frequently the only choice.  You can go to a department store like Macy's but then the prices are way high.  I liked our little Mervyn's Stores they had years ago.  I always went there to buy clothes.  But alas, they went belly up.  Now my preference is JC Penney, but I hear they are doing poorly too.  And Sears is KWart, so that isn't a great choice.  I do lots of shopping online.  I find most everything I need that way and I can avoid the stores.  For instance, I needed socks a few weeks ago.  I am always missing socks.  So I decided to buy a dozen pair.  Got then for $1/sock or $2/pair.  Pretty good price and now if I lose a sock, I have 22 others to pair it to rather than a sock drawer with 14 single socks, none the same.  If I went to WalWart, I'd pay much more and I'd not be inclined to spend $24 for a dozen pairs of socks in any case.  So I think that is the way to go.  I could have bought socks for $1/pair, but the minimum order was $100, so I didn't need 100 pairs of socks.  So if anyone wants to combine their sock orders through me, I'll only charge a 50 cent upcharge for socks.  Just let me know.  :)

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    by dangoch on Fri Nov 22, 2013 at 03:55:34 PM PST

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    •  Well.... (0+ / 0-)

      I know there was a Walmart in the McCarthy Ranch shopping center in Milpitas.  I used to work at the Borders in the center and saw the Walmart on a daily basis.
      It was years ago, the store may not be there anymore, but it certainly was when I was there.
      AND there was an In N' Out Burger place in the center, which I LOVED!

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      by Lilyvt on Sat Nov 23, 2013 at 06:21:25 AM PST

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