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View Diary: Let the filibuster reform pearl-clutching commence (109 comments)

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  •  Ur confusing cloture with the filibuster. The (3+ / 0-)
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    cloture rule was what was adopted in 1917, i.e., the means (then by 2/3rd vote) to cut off endless debate.  It is the endless debate that is the filibuster, and it was 'created' by the convicted traitor Burr when he was Veep by removing the 'previous question' rule from the Senate rule book (by which a simple majority could cut off debate, just like in the House then and still now).

    The only 'power grab' here is what the Thugs have been doing to deliberately sabotague the country since 2009 simply bc it dared elect a n---, er, Kenyan! Yeah, that's the ticket.

    Racist bastards.

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