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View Diary: Vast Majority Will Pay Less And Get Better Coverage Under ObamaCare (51 comments)

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    I hope you tell others.

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    by TomP on Fri Nov 22, 2013 at 08:55:59 AM PST

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      icemilkcoffee, TomP

      The only reason I was able to get an individual policy is that I took COBRA after my last job. When that expired (after 18 months) I was eligible for a HIPAA guaranteed-issue policy, i.e., I didn't have to make any representations about my health-care history. But the premium was high, currently $975.68 per month for a 59 year-old male living in San Francisco. It's approximately equivalent to an Obamacare Silver plan. The gold plan that I have applied for has a premium of $907.

      People often imagine that pre-existing conditions are these dramatic life-threatening or chronically debilitating diseases. But even quite healthy people such as I can be disqualified. Back in 2000 I applied for an individual policy and was denied because my doctor had prescribed me a few sleeping pills for occasional use dealing with jet lag when traveling overseas. In Blue Cross's world I had a sleep disorder.

      Since then I have had a basal cell carcinoma treated on my scalp. It's not at all life-threatening, nor is it hard to treat. But you might as well not waste your time even applying with something like that in your record.

      I think Obamacare is great. I can't imagine why anyone currently in the individual market would want to preserve the status quo.

      "The smartest man in the room is not always right." -Richard Holbrooke

      by Demi Moaned on Fri Nov 22, 2013 at 10:41:28 AM PST

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