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View Diary: Vast Majority Will Pay Less And Get Better Coverage Under ObamaCare (51 comments)

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  •  You have no idea what you are talking about, of (4+ / 0-)

    course, because you don't know these people or what policy they had.  You don't have to believe me, because you don't know me, but you certainly can't make definitive assertions about the pre-ACA policies of people you know nothing about.  And  you have no credibility when you pretend to "know" what was, or was not, in their policies.

    Believe it or not, there are people out there who, even before the ACA, would actually read what was covered and would actually take the time to understand it.  Some people liked to do that kind of thing before they spent thousands of dollars.  Yes, insurance companies are trying to sell something.  So are people selling a house, or a car.  We don't assume that everyone who buys those are too stupid to understand what they are buying.  Instead, the government mandates what must be disclosed, and then lets people make up their own minds.  And that was EXACTLY the state of affairs before the ACA -- there were government mandates on what must be disclosed, how it had to be disclosed, and yes, people who took the time to read what they were buying DID know what they were buying.  

    I do not have "only" negative things to say about the ACA.  Certainly, as I said, it benefits many people, especially the older and sicker (who, through community rating and other provisions, do not pay premiums that are as disproportionately high as they were, if they could get insurance at all.)

    Where I fault the Administration is in not being honest in the selling of the ACA.  The "lie" told to many people was that we could do all these good things for people who didn't have coverage, people with pre-existing conditions, etc., without any down side for anyone who already liked the coverage they had  ("if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period").  The Administration was honest about the "upside" for some.  The Administration was not honest about the "downside" for others.  

    It is that dishonesty, not necessarily the ACA itself, that is causing the Administration the problems, in my opinion.  

    •  Anecdotal Logic Fallacy (2+ / 0-)
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      Tonedevil, glynis

      You have a story about your California relatives that sounds compelling. With your knowledge and intelligence, you know very well that their experience isn't indicative of the experience many other people have had.

      In a country of 316 million people nothing is ever going to be uniform. There are always outliers in much smaller sets of data.

      It's disingenuous to pretend that outliers are emblematic of an entire population. That's why you'll never get anywhere with your argument.

      There is no existence without doubt.

      by Mark Lippman on Fri Nov 22, 2013 at 11:14:18 AM PST

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      •  I am certainly not implying that they (1+ / 0-)
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        are emblematic of an entire population.  In fact, I was using them as an example to counter the notion of other that all the pre-ACA policies that were cancelled were "junk" only people didn't know it.  My point is that I'm sure there are some like that, but there are also some people out there who had legitimate policies that served their needs who are now going to have to pay more,and it is disingenuous to pretend those kinds of situations don't exist as well.

        Supporters of the ACA point to situations were people are better off under the ACA, while the opposition points to people who are not better off. The truth is that both situations exist -- some people pay less, some people are going to have to pay more -- because the ACA was designed that way.  

        What I was saying is that the arguments presented are not going to be persuasive to those people like my California relatives.  I don't pretend that they are emblematic of the entire population, but I don't believe they are the only ones in that situation, either.

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