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View Diary: D'var Torah: Vayeshev (Golden Child, Scapegoat, Rebel, Hero, and Mascot) (59 comments)

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  •  menstration? (1+ / 0-)
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    is that similar to fenestration?

    seriously, 'tho', male domination of the record so extensively in human history probably has more to do with literal physical domination via greater muscle mass and larger physical stature of male physiology than with rationalizing occasional blood from the female reproductive tract, which might equally be attributed to miscarriage - most medical viewpoint seems adamant that monthly menstruation is today uncommon in the undeveloped third-world today because of food limits and extreme exertion demands, and that for similar reasons it was uncommon in the ancient world.  

    in conquest and empire-building, the dominant culture identifies itself as superior in strength(weaponry/skilled fighters), wisdom, "goodness", etc, to the conquered as inferior in those attributes.  naturally the concepts translate to judgmental/self-justifying attitudes 'tho originating as indications of physical position.

    in mammals generally, the male physiology is more muscular and larger than the female. this would not go unobserved.  in primitive thinking (including today), the obvious might makes right makes best. in gothic thinking, that which is "higher" in physical position is closer to g-d, and not only the architecture but also the clothing of that christian era consciously adopted that view (especially headgear ... on noblewomen... )

    women as the constructors and sustainers of what intangible civilization [morality, 'it takes a village', etc] is possible would suggest that the female 51% of the human species is indeed the "better half"and i rather like that idea but must admit that the whole concept of any generalized class of human beings being categorized as best and others as lesser enough to be denied equal rights is only reversing the categorizing rather than eliminating it.  e.g., i don't know that there's any proof that noblewomen/women of the power class thru'out history were any better quality human beings than their male counterparts.

    •  I won't make the joke I thought of (1+ / 0-)
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      mettle fatigue

      with the term fenestration... ;)

      My point was to refocus the commenter on the fact that the Qur'an is very misogynistic, as are all Abrahamic based faiths, despite the dodging and weaving often done by Islamic apologists when it come to those texts.

      There is an interesting diary that was posted on here about the destruction of the women centric tribes by the invading semitic tribes in this area of the world, but I forgot the author's name. There was also a discussion of the Minoans, another female dominated (meaning politically and religiously) society that had some contact with the area of Caanan.   Now I'll have to go and try to find that again!

      •  i suspect w'd all agree misogyny was the rule (0+ / 0-)

        thru'out documented human history, with perhaps some isolated exceptions, 'tho those may be more validly hypothesis than theory, at least until more is learned.  E.g., i'm not certain that goddess-centered religion evidence  nor female pictorialization in art is sufficient to postulate legal & social gender equality.  

        my personal absolutely unsupported notion of islam is that muhammed's first wife is who did it (for lack of a better verb) and that its spiritual and moral power quickly attracted different adherents taking it in a variety of directions (which i've been interested to learn is a view about christianity widely shared, both cases making sense to me politically and psychologically, given what i've learned informally from a sikh friend about the origins of her own faith).  and while a woman in a formal position of power is no guarantee of egalitarianism, a woman as unauthorized originator of a belief system might somewhat more be.

        of course, i like things to make sense objectively, and human behavior --including metaphysic belief as a behavior-- cannot really be relied upon to make sense a lotta the time.  but in mass-motion human terms maybe it can.

        as Sheldon's novella The Screwfly Solution quotes (perhaps fictionally), "Man’s religion and metaphysics are the voices of his glands".  If so, we just need to get everyone's glands fair share in the conversation.

        hmmm, i may have gone rather far afield there...

        •  I actually don't think that's the case. (1+ / 0-)
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          mettle fatigue

          Patriarchy has certainly been the rule through most of European civilization and through large parts of Asian civilization, but there's more to the world than that.  There's documented evidence that many African societies were matriarchal, for one.

          (Legal and social gender equality wasn't necessarily a thing there either, of course; males may have been the second-class citizens there.)

    •  I found it! (1+ / 0-)
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      mettle fatigue

      It's the Punishing Eve series on Daily Kos by Janet Wise. The essay on the Minoans, etc. is in part VI.

      •  I've seen that series. (1+ / 0-)
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        mettle fatigue

        Janet has at least twice misquoted the Bible and refused to retract her misquotations when they're pointed out to her (with citations).  She seems pretty knowledgeable about Minoan society, but she seems pretty knowledgeable about the Bible too if the reader doesn't know any better.

        It's a pity, because I was finding it a fascinating series to begin with.

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