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View Diary: Dear GOP, you REALLY want that filibuster back? Here's how to do it. (69 comments)

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    When the tea partiers got thier knickers in a twist about the constitution, then when they read had to go through all this stuff.  Like they had never read it before.  I wonder if the average, or even elected, conservative has read the constitution or understood history.  It is interesting that someone like Cruz, who allegedly has a law degree from Harvard, does not seem to know basic facts like the House had the filibuster in the early days of this country, and the Senate filibuster is a relatively recent innovation, not something the founding fathers necessarily intended.  It is also embarrassing that as the valedictorian of Second Baptist in Houston, a relatively desirable and generally decent High School in Houston, he was not taught such basic history.

    Or perhaps he is just playing the brigand or fool for the people who elected him.

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