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View Diary: Workers say Walmart's 'extra day's pay' for Thanksgiving is a sham (55 comments)

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    But according to their current pat-themselves-on-the-back television commercial, they give 400 employees a promotion each and every day, all year long.  

    But according to my sense of it, they give promotional items -- for instance, free sample-size shampoo bottles provided by the vendor whose products they sell -- to 400 of their employees each day, and that's how they can get away with their outrageous claim.    

    A promotion is a promotion, but a raise is a raise and a living salary is a living salary.  That's why they only talk about promotions in their ads, not about employees able to buy and reside in McMansions thanks to generous merit raises and living-high-on-the-hog salaries.  

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