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    It starts to be like the new versions of Microsoft Windows, not necessarily better but certainly.......different.  3.0 had an extensive meaningful differentiation between diaries and comments, which resulted in diaries being described as, "The main activity here."  There was an intro view, that allowed up to 500  words for an opening, enough to define the substance.  If someone had less to say there were always open threads.

    Kos made a decision, in the finest "democratic" tradition, that he was changing it, ending one diary a day limit, some could be a sentence or two.  Thus the effort that went into these serious essays now faced an array of formats, with less of a chance of attracting the reader commensurate with the effort of research and writing.

    The Group idea, which was a major difference in 4.0, is pretty much a bust, and I tried to set up several of them. While some may be meaningful, the vast majority seem to have gone into disuse.  I don't know if we went back to some of the things I loved about 3.0 whether it would even matter personally, since I have gone through my own changes.  

    I was at a conference at UCSD last week, and a young prof described how he had been a lurker here when I used to write frequently, and made me feel good that I had connected with such scholarly individuals.  4.0 seemed to be an attempt at a type of social media for liberals, rather than a populist think tank where finding an audience was a challenge, but personally more rewarding.  It was worth spending days on research and composition for what I gained in the process and by the feedback.

    A little bit of contemplation on what was lost might be in order.

    Thanks for fielding questions and comments.

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