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View Diary: Colorado school board member calls for castration of Transgender students (81 comments)

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  •  This politician did not do her due diligence. (0+ / 0-)

    This wasn't just the brother-in-law at the family reunion's opinion. If so, I could excuse it, then, as someone who is not adapting fast enough to changing society. I admit it is very tough on some people to accept this.

    Instead, this is someone who failed at her due diligence as a school official, with children in her care.

    This politician failed to perform her duties as a school board member to get the facts about these issues, even though it seems like she gave it a looooooot of thought.

    Women are more at risk of being raped at a frat house party than a public restroom full of transgendered women. A five minute internet search could prove that.

    Google helps. Google, in all its vastness, has only found 2 cases of cross-dressers who raped women, neither one of them on American soil. Neither offender cross-dressed to disguise themselves as women to get to lockerooms, as Svenson suggests.


    I'm wondering if the underlying fear is really about race. This whole thing has a "bogeyman" quality to it.  

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