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View Diary: After filibuster change, Rand Paul says Senate needs 'an anti-bullying ordinance' (62 comments)

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  •  No, they need to win the next election (0+ / 0-)

    "Before the rule change, the minority party had a strong incentive to simply say no in order to wield influence. Now, however, if they want influence, they need to find ways to work with the majority."

    They don't want to influence legislation in any sort of bipartisan governance.  They want power.  They want to be able to write the legislation themselves, and make sure our side has no influence on that legislation that their party alone will get to write.

    You know what, they are absolutely, 100% right to want that.  They have goals that are completely contrary to ours, so no, there is no way that they should want to work with the majority, to influence legislation.  They should want to win the next election so that they won't have to work with our side.  I only wish our side were as single-minded and uncompromising.

    Where they can be faulted is in their attempts to get their uncompromised way despite not having won the last election.  Their behavior in that respect has been so destructive that one of our side's chief goals in winning the next election so that we can once again write laws without any influence at all from their side, should be to rewrite all laws that leave loopholes permitting just one chamber of Congress, or the president, the ability to hold hostages such as the budget and debt ceiling.  We can and should make divided government safe once again, even if we can never make it very effective at decisive action.

    We've had two generations of a fake truce between the parties, ever since New Deal Democrat Eisenhower agreed run as an R to keep them from going the way of the Whigs.  He made them swear off going back on the New Deal.  As long as they respected that bargain, we basically just had two flavors of New Deal D, and the parties had little ideological difference standing in the way of bipartisan cooperation on any number of extensions of New Deal thinking.

    Well, the truce is over.  There were always unreconstructed plutocrats who were never reconciled to the New Deal, and those well-funded individuals gradually built up a collation of people who were never reconciled to desegregation, and people who were never reconciled to women putting on shoes and leaving the kitchen, etc. etc.  They built up a coalition of all the resentments felt for all the real and imagined wrongs done to white guy Christians by the last two generations of reality.

    Individually, these people can and should be reasoned with.  But their political movement is hopeless as a partner in sense, reason, and compromise.  They just need to be defeated.  First, our political house needs to be child-proofed by getting rid of the debt ceiling and making the annual spending bills hostage-proof.  Such measures ill be necessary at least until such time as we can be sure that their party will never control the WH or either chamber of Congress ever again.  

    Their party needs to go the way of the Whigs and the Federalists.  No sentimental nonsense about preserving a two-party system.  The continued existence of this fake opposition to the New Deal is the main obstacle to a true and honest opposition to the Ds arising.  I harbor no illusions whatever about the Ds being so wonderful that we will need no opposition once the Rs have gone the way of the Whigs.  The Ds deserve an honest, adult, opposition, not a bundle of resentments acted out in successive tantrums by emotional children.

    The states must be abolished.

    by gtomkins on Sat Nov 23, 2013 at 07:52:44 PM PST

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