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View Diary: Limbaugh Compares Filibuster Reform To Vote "Allow[ing] Women To Be Raped" (22 comments)

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    The Sheeping of America

    Yes, he's a hypocrite and I'll bet there are plenty of examples of him railing against the filibuster when the Republicans were in charge.

    About his particular example of ten people, however, well that to me is what is so hideous.  

    First, being able to vote is not like being raped against one's will.  I don't care how sick and twisted the mind games, having presidential appointees approved is in no way equivalent to forceful violations of someone's body. Even the Lysistrata women from history had a better reason for their complete obstruction than because they didn't want the president to be able to appoint his own advisors - who aren't objectionable in the first place.

    Second, it's not 6 to 4.  It's 11 to 9, at the lowest multiplier.  With his example, if all the males vote together, they get to have the 60% that the Senate filibuster level had to meet.  The 40% woman vote would not have been enough to stop it.  With 11 to 9, though, to get something passed at least one of the women would have to have voted with the men.  Since the Republicans (women, oddly enough in his example) vote in a solid block, practically nothing was able to get done.

    Third -  it's the Senate's damn job to advise and consent - it's not their job to withhold approval for no reason other than to prevent government from functioning.  If there is a reason to fight against a nominee, by all means fight.  When nominees are held up and then after months, if they're still looking for the position they're passed unanimously, then it's not any reason other than to try and politically block the government from functioning and since they've been doing it so much to Obama, I can't see how this isn't personal and with it being personal, and hearing comments from Republicans on a racist basis practically daily, I have no reason to believe that a significant part of this is because they're racists, or at least willing to support those who are.  

    And that is why we must take this away from them.

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