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  •  What came after is what was important (10+ / 0-)

    I was in my prep school's locker room, having just come in from practice and getting ready to go shower up and get to the late afternoon classes.  It was mostly a pretty somber remainder of the afternoon.  The sweaty, dirty, tired, and a little bruised part is not what sticks in my mind.

    There was a regularly scheduled mandatory chapel later that afternoon, just before diner.  The school's leanings were pretty conservative, but the Chaplin was not (for example, we were regularly treated to William Sloan Coffin).  There was a lot of discussion about courage that evening, and the tragedy of lost leadership in the fight to change the United States.  I remember thinking that it took a bit of courage to say that there.

    We did not get to watch TV at all, or for that matter to listen to radios during most of the day, so I only learned later what various news media personalities had to say.  Comparing that sermon to all the other commentary in my memory at least, our Chaplin did himself proud, and I say that as a boy who generally loathed chapel.

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