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View Diary: Where Were You on 11/22/63? (77 comments)

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  •  Junior High School 172, Queens (6+ / 0-)

    I was in the 8th Grade. Commented on someone else's diary earlier but the details are always in transition.

    We were in whichever class we happened to be in. The school principal's voice came over the PA system instructing us all to return to our home room (mine was on the first floor; funny what we remember, isn't it?). Our home room teachers gave us the news and we were sent home.

    JFK was extremely popular in my neighborhood; it's amazing how quiet the trip home was. For the most part, we simply cried. There was a notion that heads of state only got killed in other countries (it had happened in Vietnam only weeks earlier), or that presidents only got killed in other eras; after all, the last president to have been taken out by an assassin was McKinley. Such notions went out the window that day.

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