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View Diary: CNN and Dr. Gupta Kick Hate Radio's Rush Limbaugh to the Curb (91 comments)

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    come in a number of forms.  Some are general to the station which is what determines where and when they run, others are specific to programs or particular time slots.  Different rates apply not just to restrictions by the advertiser but also to the popularity of programs specified to be advertised for or against.  

    Stations that air Limbaugh will put those general ads against the Limbaugh time slots.  With so many major advertisers objecting to that they have had to reduce rates to air Limbaugh, which some of them for economic reasons alone have dropped as not lucrative enough.  Others use him for filler, and others are taking an economic bite to agree with him, which is not good business, of course, unless other hidden subsidies are in place.

    It takes two decisions for Limbaugh to stay on the air.  Stations must allow it and enough advertisers must allow their ads to be used in his time slots, or he goes silent.  This gets a bit complicated since Limbaugh is distributed as part of syndicate packages.  The syndicates are another secondary pressure point.  They drop Limbaugh and his program doesn't even get offered to most stations.

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