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View Diary: Obama pivots back to economy in weekly address (51 comments)

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  •  he was speaking, of course, to his back-room pals (2+ / 0-)

    in West Virginia (coal), Pennsylvania (coal, natural gas and oil), North Dakota (natural gas), New Mexico (natural gas), California (off-shore oil, natural gas) and others for whom the old-school DINOs rely on campaign contributions.

    I seem to remember some study done about 2 years ago that posited if the cost of the joint strike force F-35 and the Ford-class aircraft carrier had instead been applied to the research, development and implementation of non-fossil fuel energy, there could have been 3 times as many jobs created and reliance on fossil fuels - both foreign AND domestic - could have been cut meaningfully.

    Ah, priorities... will this country ever extricate it's collective head from its rectum?

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