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  •  an agenda emerges (0+ / 0-)

    According to the author's information there at Counterpunch:

    Kirkpatrick Sale [...] is the director of the Middlebury Institute.
    I looked up the Middlebury Institute, perused its own web page (which I prefer not to advertise by linking) and its Wikipedia article to get a glimpse of how and why this fits Sale's world view and agenda.

    Sale and his associates seem to have an unusual notion of a solution to the problems they perceive. I'd be inclined to call it impractical as well.


    •  and an addendum (0+ / 0-)

      Looking further, it appears that Kirkpatrick Sale has done some interesting and probably more helpful critique in the past. I find more to like in some of his earlier writing and scholarship.

      Sometimes when folks spend a career / lifetime thinking about a particular topic, they can become somewhat blind to the limitations or downside of their obsession.

      George Box, whose career produced the concept in my comment signature, once posed the question: How wrong can a model be before it stops being useful?

      I'd say Kirkpatrick Sale might have taken a promising line of thought and critique into the territory of more wrong and less useful, which seems unfortunate.


      •  I did not bother investigating the author's (0+ / 0-)

        bio (as perhaps I should have), so i do appreciate your efforts.

        I also think you have hit on a deep truth when you note that all of us are guilty from time to time of over-committing to a position (or model), even after facts, logic or simple plain common sense should have set us straight.

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