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  •  Factory manufactured crap: Spears, Aguillera, (5+ / 0-)

    Cyrus, etc. I hate Bruno Mars, because his songs are manufactured by a factory somewhere in L.A. and Nashville.

    If you listen to any pop station this past year, I noticed that they had country versions of Bruno Mars songs and Pink, they took the tracks, then added a steel guitar twang and any singer they wanted on it and rebranded the tune as a country tune. This is going way too far. And it's occurring in every genre. I don't hate Hector (Bruno) personally, and I do love that his dreck has supplanted horrible rap music as the dominant pop, but the factory aspect must be confronted by every music lover. It is killing America's soul. So for that reason alone, I must object to the dreary ordinariness of Mars' top hits, soon to be converted into another genre for your consumption.

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