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  •  It was "Jeeves and the Song of Songs". (1+ / 0-)
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    It was incorporated into Series 1, episode 2 of the TV show.

    Tuppy Glossop was in love with an opera singer, which situation Jeeves was asked to terminate. His solution involved several consecutive singers performing "Danny Boy" at a working class concert, finishing with the prima donna. The audience took it poorly, the girl was irate, and Tuppy was dumped.

    •  Oooooh..., That song is entitled... (2+ / 0-)
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      eyesoars, Andrew F Cockburn

      ...  "Sonny Boy" which was sung by Al Jolson in 1928 (Wiki info, including lyrics) not the Irish ditty "Danny Boy" - English lyrics to the Irish tune Londonderry Air.  It's the latter that makes my ears bleed and my bile threaten to come up in a case of projectile vomiting.

      Mercifully, I don't have "Sonny Boy" on my list of 'Songs that make one want to commit murder or suicide or both.'

      The Jeeves & Wooster several versions of "Sonny Boy" are sung in Season I Episode 2 toward the end of the show; the episode is entitled "Tuppy and the Terrier."

      The J&W episodes are on YouTube so I've put them in a file with the correct Season & Episode numbers and Episode Titles in my Favorites file and all labeled so that I can play them in chronological order as they're listed on the Wiki page info and on Hulu.  The YouTube versions put online by many different people are not always named correctly by the person(s) who uploaded them, so I've re-titled them in order by series title, season, episode, and episode title so they don't correspond to YouTube's titles but the Wiki list of episodes in chronological order (I've done the same with several TV series, especially the Britcoms that are on YouTube).  No Ads on YouTube versions..., but all J&W shows are also on Hulu - with ads.

      List of Jeeves and Wooster Episodes (Wiki page)

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