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    greengemini, Wee Mama

    Only exception is the meat thing -- although I am all for eating less meat (only two meals a week myself and even that will go once my in-laws leave and we can keep eggs in the house again), I think it's probably pretty neutral in terms of losing weight as a sole concern.  But otherwise, yeah.

    The other thing I wanted to mention isn't so much a disagreement as an extension of what you're saying.  I think it's possible that for a person who is already fairly close to a good weight for them (say, within 50 pounds) and who does not significantly overeat to begin with, it's entirely possible that he or she could take all of these steps and still not lose weight, or not any significant weight.  It might only cut off a couple hundred calories a day, for example, and like exercise often does when used alone, prevent any further weight gain but not go farther than that.  Such people, like I did, would probably have to count calories or points, or institute some kind of semi-formal portion control, in order to reduce calories to the point of actually losing.

    Nice diary and congratulations!  I lost 45 pounds, myself, and have kept it off just about six months so far.  No problems whatsoever maintaining, using guidelines quite similar to yours.

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      thanks,NancyK! You raise good points.I was writing for people who had lots of weight to loose.I just think being a vegetarian is a healthy choice. My cholesterol levels are great.I have trouble eating ENOUGH food.
      Thanks for a great message.

      Social activist, nutrition and exercise advice,long distance runner, Writer.

      by Vet63 on Sat Nov 23, 2013 at 03:54:59 PM PST

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