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View Diary: * New Day * — Do you have a good luck charm? (153 comments)

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  •  Several years ago I took a really quick, last (11+ / 0-)

    minute road trip to the rez to deliver some stuff before the first snow.

    I packed really light and didn't take any of my jewelry, which didn't amount to much back then.

    My Uncle Robert, a medicine man, told his daughters, in Navajo, to tell me, in English, that I should always wear turquoise. Even if it's a tiny bit. He said that that is how our gods will recognize me and keep me safe.

    So I've never missed a day wearing it since. I also considered that authority on why I should purchase turquoise jewelry whenever I see a nice piece. ;) Now I have a pretty, pretty nice collection.

    Oh that reminds me I have some Zuni bear fetishes that I consider good luck pieces.

    I'll go photograph them. brb.

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