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  •  Not so much a good luck charm, but for banding (7+ / 0-)

    (hawks) I have certain lucky foods - and lucky water.  

    First the food:  Chocolate, preferably dark, brings chocolate-eyed birds (falcons, adult redtails, red-shoulders, harriers... most of the extra-special birds we catch, in other words).  We also believe in pumpkin things- pumpkin seeds, pumpkin muffins - because that brings pumpkin-eyed birds (adult accipiters), pumpkin-tailed birds (adult redtails) and pumpkin breasted birds (juvenile harriers).  We have about a dozen other food superstitions, mostly based on what we were eating right when something awesome came in.  Perhaps it's just an excuse to keep noshing all day.

    Lucky water:  I think this started when I had a couple of water bottles that I'd filled before leaving Yosemite a few weeks earlier, and drank them the next time I was out banding (seems dumb to pour out water just to refill with water.)  Had a great day.  We decided it was the lucky water from another place that did it.  The next week, one of my team brought me lucky water from someplace she'd travelled.  We had a good day.  Now people bring me water from their travels all the time.  For whatever reason, Nicolet water from Wisconsin does appear to be pretty powerful.  One of the guys has family there and brings it once or twice per season and it gets results.

    Lead your life - don't let your life lead you.

    by lineatus on Sun Nov 24, 2013 at 10:24:28 AM PST

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