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View Diary: How one small town is holding its own against big box Black Friday (32 comments)

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    I have no problem with Costco--they reportedly pay decent wages--with benefits.  Main St is sadly yesterday--malls and big box stores are today--online is tomorrow.  We might not like that, but not all progress is beneficial.  What it is, is, inevitable.  Most of the jobs lost were never well paying--the real victim here is the small entrepreneur.  When we complain about "progress" we sound like reactionaries who want to go back to the good old days--which were never as good as nostalgia remembers.

    Large internet companies --and UPS/Fedex --need strong unions.  A vibrant society replaces the old with better.  Our mutual fear is that we're no longer that vibrant.

    Actions speak louder than petitions.

    by melvynny on Fri Nov 29, 2013 at 10:06:27 AM PST

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