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  •  Allow me to clarify (3+ / 0-)

    You posted a Markos rule regarding how to deal with people you dislike. I posted a Markos rule regarding how deal with people you disagree with. Perhaps I should have added some context to my block quote, but the point was that some seem to conflate disagreement with dislike, and that was AdamB's point and others' point in this thread. I was simply showing how Markos' two rules address both: those you dislike, those you disagree with. You posted one, I posted the other.

    If you go to the top of this thread, you'll see dkmich making the argument that people who dislike Ray should avoid his diaries. I actually agree with him. In fact, thats precisely what I do. There's a handful of people I do not go anywhere near their diaries. Never post in them. Never rate comments in them, etc. However, there are others who I don't agree on some issues where I occasionally comment in their diaries - Ray's are an example. I don't agree with his calls for revolution, and especially for the type of revolution he embraced when he first started writing diaries. I only occasionally comment in his diaries and I am not a regular in them. However, I've seen enough to know that he has some who truly dislike him and come into his diaries to stir the pot. And, there are others who come in to his diaries and disagree respectfully and get hammered by his defenders.

    The blockquoted text, for which you omitted a link to provide context, was in reference to the request for official recognition of The Caucus Project group as a type of diary afforded the same protections and special community moderation rights as the other special community diaries like IGTNT.

    Markos was addressing that request, and as it turns out, rejecting it. As I previously alluded, the comment section of that diary, had you chosen to link it, reveals the context absent from your comment above.

    No.  The block quote I provided came from Markos' final draft of rules, not from some diary you linked to:

    Finally, two points:

    I did make one mistake here and that was to chase you down the rabbit hole of going off topic when you brought up the issue of a PM. I should have ignored that as not relevant to this thread.

    And two, I am constantly reminded that I was banned for quite some time. Upon my return, I diaried about it. I accepted full responsibility for it. Some insist I wear a hair shirt because of it with their constant reminders. I really don't mind. I'd prefer people judge me for my actions in the here and now. I suppose I know somewhat how ex-cons feel in a way.

    •  Didn't know you before, don't see any reason to (1+ / 0-)
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      go back and look. Your actions, imho, have been just fine in the here and now. I generally look forward to your commentary.

      At least half the future I've been expecting hasn't gotten here yet. Sigh.... (Yes, there's gender bias in my name; no, I wasn't thinking about it when I signed up. My apologies.)

      by serendipityisabitch on Mon Nov 25, 2013 at 09:46:03 AM PST

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