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View Diary: Judge calls a 13-year-old "predatory" after she was raped by a 41 year-old. (278 comments)

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  •  It's not the predator I'm worried about; (13+ / 0-)

    the daughter has the right to privacy, especially under such awful circumstances--and unless the parent cleared this posting with her, I am a little horrified by such a blatant disrespect of that privacy.

    •  When my daughter was a child yes (3+ / 0-)
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      This took place more than twenty years ago, so I view it as having passed into the category of history rather than current events. We have been pretty supportive of her all this time but its hard to extend that to him.

      It first got posted here in 2010 and I have done my time in hell over it. Maybe somebody should address why victims of crimes have to fall back on privacy as a protection while over a period of decades being ashamed to come forward and tell their tale

      My daughter probably and my brother certainly would prefer it just all go away but it doesn't go away for her mother and I. Her mom's clinical depression and cancer, have been an ongoing reminder for us for years now

      I was also a little horrified by my brothers reaction which was essentially to want to just blow it off and move on, forgive and forget. I can't forget it, its a crime with no statute of limitations. We didn't prosecute him in any criminal court but the judgment of his family has been to shun him forever.

        Dan's email  July 13, 2010

      I want to say, right off, that I’m sorry to have angered you so badly.  I wrote to ___ and told him I am very sad to lose all contact with my family, I care about you all a great deal.  Mistakes in my past cannot be undone and these days I try to live my life with whatever level of integrity and judgment I can summon.  Your right, I have hurt some people and done some things I’m not proud of, I have to live with all that. I would like my brother to be a supportive and inspiring person in my life, and you would probably like the same from me. Maybe we still have time.

      As to my whereabouts being unknown to you, I have been getting mail, receiving phone calls and email at the same locations I was when you last sent me a Christmas package. I must admit I haven’t felt much like calling much since you published your list of accusations on your blog. We need to move on.

      This week I am moving and will no longer get mail in Las Vegas so I wanted you to have that address.  I follow your writings on Daily Kos and have a good sense of what your doing and whats going on with the farm and family. You seem to be enjoying your country life. Congratulations on becoming a grandparent.

      Live Free or Die --- Investigate, Incarcerate

      by rktect on Sun Nov 24, 2013 at 10:33:14 AM PST

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