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View Diary: Judge calls a 13-year-old "predatory" after she was raped by a 41 year-old. (278 comments)

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  •  The burka and family bodyguards (0+ / 0-)

    predate the Taliban by 5,000 years.

    The object is protection for women. Protection from the thousands of drifters who roam around Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.

    You're trying to judge practices that have existed for millennia. You compare rural, low density, no education tribal life with your own society.

    Imagine living near a frontier community in the early 19th century. No help within ear shot but your own family. That's reasonably close to rural Afghanistan.

    "Women's rights" come low on the list after survival. And the gals are hardly "farm animals." No different than with American frontier families.

    Afghans are more open to corporal punishment than Americans. But we've had communities that approximated that level of routine violence. It's not unique to Afghanistan. Check out Saudi Arabia, the whole of North Africa.

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