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View Diary: Anticapitalist Meetup: “Separate but Equal” Shuts Down Women’s Health Care (54 comments)

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    the reason these loopholes exist, is the "for profit" industry was responsible for a lot of the writing and influencing of the ACA law.

    Quote"Essentially the bill is the same as the Heritage Foundation plan from the 1990s. Under the ACA, all individuals must either buy insurance, get it from their employer or pay a fine every year. Health care companies will be able to make billions more off of the millions of people who will now be forced to buy health insurance. The original plan proposed a so-called “public option” plan to compete with private insurance plans. But quickly the public plan was eliminated to protect the private insurance companies from competition. The ACA also imposed no price controls on prescription medications, guaranteeing that drug companies could continue to charge outrageous prices for prescription drugs."

    Heritage Foundation is a front for Koch brothers.

    "Public option plan" was the "Co-op insurance" that was forbidden from participation in the healthcare market place.

    In essence the ACA is really a forcing by the financial elite,to force Americans to hand over money to the financial elite under the cover of health coverage.

    While minimizing how much they would actually have to pay out.

    The only fault of Obama was signing off  on the ACA as written now, which was written mainly by the "for profit industry."  He was only allowed to veto or approve the whole thing.   and veto would have harmed those who did not have insurance or had junk policies. due to the former not permitting any pre-existing conditions, etc.

    basically he was given 2 bad choices to choose from. Which personally I believe the republicans and for profit industry maneuvered him into so they could blame any of the fallout on him.

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