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View Diary: 'Bama RepubliCon Out-A**holes the Rest: "No overtime pay for you." (45 comments)

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  •  somewhat confused about what this adds... (0+ / 0-)

    My understanding is that the proposal would give 1.5 hours of paid time off for every overtime hour worked if the employee desires this in lieu of overtime pay. So, if an employee takes time off next week using overtime hours from this week, how is that any different than if he was simply paid the overtime pay and then took time off without pay next week?

    For instance, if he works 10 hours of overtime this week you either 1) pay him 15 additional hours worth of pay and he then takes 15 hours off next week without pay of 2) you pay him nothing additional but he gets 15 hours off next week with pay. Aren't these the same?

    For example, a working couple with children, who want the flexibility to take time off to attend school functions with pay, might appreciate having the option.  For some people, in some circumstances, they'd rather have the time than the marginal increase in take-home pay.  I don't see a problem giving an employee that choice, as long as the choice remains with the employee.    

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