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View Diary: Judge in WI rules tax exemption for minister's pay unconstitutional... (41 comments)

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    The power to tax is the power to destroy. Religion was given status in the Bill of Rights because the founders didn't want to tax people to fund a state religion or eliminate or suppress religious thought or particular religions because they had valuable property to tax. Also many charitable activities were run by churches and they do not really engage in profit seeking activity. Imagine if you taxed 2 neighbors for carpooling to work by defining one of them chipping in cash for the gas as income for the other.

    Churches worked to rearrange money between the members and distributed money to children, widows, orphans and other unfortunate people. As long as they stick to that type of activity I don't want them taxed. When they engage in a commercial enterprise or insert religious tests into politics and government perhaps they should be regulated for that behavior rather than tax them out of the meals on wheels program or childcare for poor working families. Especially in light of the fact that government won't do these things and no one else will pick up the slack (which group helping poor has the ability to do more than they already are?) if the churches are taxed out of existence.

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