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View Diary: Firearms Law and Policy - Do consumers have standing to challenge laws regulating gun sales? (72 comments)

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  •  It won't stop there though (0+ / 0-)

    You say 20. Lilith says 10 right below you, likely for the same reasons you say 20. NY state says 7, for similar reasons. This is the problem: there is no intention to stop at a number greater than zero. There will always be someone who has a reason why the number should be lower and they would rather talk about that than why people are getting shot in the first place. Why people are getting shot is unimportant. The gradual elimination of privately-owned firearms is.

    Naturally, someone will shout "slippery slope", because this is all just paranoid conspiracy talk despite it actually happening in real-time and as a matter of public record.

    thats how I think about it---I disagree with the law but I take advantage of it, same as the 2d amendment. I don't think the 2A is good for America but as long as its there, with the common interpretation as it is, I think liberals are foolish to cede all the guns in the country to the other side.
    The 2nd Amendment is neutral. It's the application and exercise of it that's the issue. Firearms culture in the US could stand to be much healthier than it is. Unfortunately too many folks have reinterpreted "healthy" to mean "nonexistent or nearly so". I'd like it to be better, with less of the toxic masculinity and other right-wing baggage that's still far too present. They'd like it to be gone, completely, and by force if possible. I'd like a society with fewer desperately poor people who turn to crime, with a more robust social safety net (you know, like the exact opposite of what Any Rand wanted) and with less stigma around mental illness that leads to people like the Sandy Hook shooter's mother pretending there was nothing wrong with him. They just want the guns gone and they'll work on that other stuff after. Unless it's too expensive or it conflicts with other rights they think are worth defending.

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