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View Diary: Firearms Law and Policy - Do consumers have standing to challenge laws regulating gun sales? (72 comments)

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    not enough "why".

    As we have all ready seen, you will tighten the grip of restrictions and people like Hennard, Cho, Whitman, Alexis and the rest will slip through its fingers. They will change tactics, change tools, adapt, shift, because they're playing a game whose rules they write as they go. You're trying to nail jello to a wall at room temperature. I would suggest reading the report from Sandy Hook that was just released. It goes into heavy detail about all the warning flags the shooter's mother ignored or excused, most likely due to the stigma surrounding mental illness. She preferred to pretend he was fine rather than risk being identified as the mother of a "defective" son. She enabled him to do what he did and would have enabled him to do what he did no matter what tools he would have had to substitute to accomplish his goal. Getting him help, not purchasing firearms for him, getting him flagged so he couldn't purchase them on his own, all of that would have made a greater difference than forcing him to choose a pump shotgun or bolt action rifle instead of an AR-15. It would have resulted in zero deaths instead of five or fifteen or twenty. That is what would have saved ALL of those children. Your half measures only accomplish something if saving lives isn't the actual goal.

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