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View Diary: ACA's narrow networks allow insurance companies to gouge public, doctors (97 comments)

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    Roadbed Guy

    I actually remember doing that now and then way back in my college years. I only did it for salt solutions and some of the non-noxious stuff, but some of my classmates did it for a lot more than that. I can very clearly remember everyone sloshing around benzene and getting it everywhere. There was a small warning label on the bottles about potential adverse effects because of skin contact, but in the rush of getting lab work done, lots of students just sloshed it around. Now you need to do hood work with gloves and other protective gear if you use it.

    Times so change. I heard that the prof who did all the early work with thallium lost his hair and had all kinds of dental problems - so did many of his doctoral students. Now we know that thallium is a pretty toxic metal.

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      so I'm not surprised that it caused health problems like you described.

      But back then, the mania to have all things be organic probably wasn't as pervasive, sadly enough.

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