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    IF the vast majority of our Cretinous Congress Critters had had ANY brains whatsoever (and far less greed), they would have provided for allowing people to sign up for the not-for-profit single-payer system found in Medicare Part A and Part B (Part C, prescription insurance, was passed under Dumbya and came with the caveat "buy this corporate insurance or else" - that needs to be put under the overall Medicare umbrella), and they would have written laws banning corporate coverage of anything to do with our medical care, including insurance for medical care and prescription drugs.

    Additionally, they would have moved coverage of optometry services and dental services under Medicare and started on the way toward paid sick leave, and paid parental leave for BOTH mothers and fathers with a guarantee of their job waiting for them once they get back to work (similar to the excellent paid parental leave in the Scandinavian countries).

    Believe it or not, Medicare is already efficiently working.

    Now... here's the "side benefit":  To handle the increase in paperwork for ALL Medicare recipients if we had such a common-sense system, new employees would have to be hired to handle the vast increase in paperwork across the nation.  JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, and the tax increases for local, county, state, and federal tax bureaus would feel the impact immediately, local businesses would feel the impact from the new hires' first paychecks forward.

    No one loses in that system.  No one goes bankrupt from high medical care debts.  No one has to go through the shame (and extreme gratitude) of having relatives throw benefits for poor neighbors if they have a preemie or catastrophic health condition hit them and medical costs go through the roof.

    Oh... corporations with record-setting profits and high bonuses for corporate executives lose..., yes.  (Who really gives a flying fig if corporations lose?  They have money stuffed away in offshore accounts already.)  But they could still be in the business of covering unnecessary cosmetic procedures like certain plastic surgery procedures and the like.  [Yes, I'm aware that there are valid reasons for necessary plastic surgery procedures like for cleft palate or painful things like with horrible cuts and injuries in car accidents or animal mauling and biting and the like, but Medicare could cover those.]

    We pay Medicare costs from our first job through our deaths (it's deducted from each person's Social Security income before the remainder is deposited in one's bank account - I'm on Social Security and that's what happens with me, which is why chained CPI is such a horror; each COLA/chained CPI comes with a corresponding increase in Medicare, increase in rent the landlord blames on local taxes, increase in recipient's HUD assistance, so one ends up losing quite a lot with a small COLA).  I don't see the problem with benefiting from those Medicare payments before retirement or disability.

    Ask anyone in the Scandinavian countries about this.  They have a high tax base... but whether it's medical care or education (free from kindergarten through college - no one graduates in debt from college loans), or other services everyone gets..., they don't mind paying those high tax rates BECAUSE everyone from the reigning monarch to poorest commoner gets the same quality health care throughout each nation.

    I'm sick of attempts to steer this nation from principles evolved in The Age of Reason to hallucinations derived from illiterate herdsmen. ~ Crashing Vor

    by NonnyO on Sun Nov 24, 2013 at 09:09:02 PM PST

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