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View Diary: Sunday Train: Trains & Buses Should Be Friends (37 comments)

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  •  I like the Little Bike Trailer (3+ / 0-)
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    HeyMikey, BruceMcF, divineorder

    A neat way to get around the rush-hour restrictions on bikes that are so common in this country...

    •  Yes ... I'll note that ... (1+ / 0-)
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      ... the "No Silver Bullets" applies to cycle lockers as well. Transfers are normally a secondary, supplementary source of patronage, with the primary source of patronage trips that begin and end somewhere on the corridor, so if there is sufficient cycle to ride demand on the corridor, some effort should be made to accomodate it.

      Some combination of:

      (1) Dedicated hanging bike hooks

      (2) Designing luggage space ~ overhead or underfoot ~ so that common 20" folding bikes fit

      (3) Special bike cars with dedicated hanging bike hooks and metro-style seating ... in that configuration, rather than paying extra for the bike, the cyclist "pays extra" via a greater chance of a standing transit

      (4) The bike trailer above for light rail services that are short enough for that to be viable

      ... are all strategies to consider. They are particularly attractive to cyclists with morning destinations that are beyond easy walking distance.

      Of course, with adequate funding for rolling stock, for those corridors that are not at the maximum number of services that they can support, one way to cope with space constraints that result from attracting some additional passengers that ride with their bikes is to increase the frequency of service.

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