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  •  The filibuster is actually quite consistent (0+ / 0-)

    with republican philosophy, namely that the USA is a republic that is made up of a federation of republics, that apart from creating some majority-rule principles for deciding matters among the constituent republics, incorporated one element of truly democratic majority rule: the election of Representatives. Each State being a republic in and of itself, it is important that small majorities not be allowed to override the will of any state as incarnated by its senators. To say it in another way, the Senate was designed to be inherently undemocratic, since it is the States' House, in opposition to the People's (“demos”) House. That is why the filibuster was created in and continues to operate in the Senate. The Republican Party has always stressed the republican aspect of the American government over the democratic, and so support of the filibuster is entirely consistent with its longstanding orientation and agenda.

    This also explains why Republicans often have trouble with democratic election of Senators and with many pro-democracy programs. So in my view, being pro-filibuster is both wrong and wrong-headed†, but it's not inconsistent either internally or with American History.

    †Wrong-headed because in my view, deciding to constitute a system of government incorporating quasi-sovereign states was a huge mistake and nothing more than a pander to those who were profit[eer]ing from the slave economy.

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